Letters to the Editor

Look for better ways to make up golf revenue

Sun City Hilton Head's management is considering an increase in the quarterly dues of all residents in order to make up for the deficit in golf revenue.

Although we were promised when we bought our homes that golf would be supported by the golfing community, unfortunately that was only a verbal commitment, and our documents do not reflect that promise.

It seems fiscally derelict for Sun City to build a third golf course when the two existing ones cannot be supported. It is especially irresponsible when you consider that the overwhelming majority of the homeowners are on fixed incomes, some with declining incomes. How about using a golf course for new home sites so that real estate could pay for itself?

It is unclear how much time is left before an increase in dues is a done deal. This would be the time to express concerns to the board of directors.

Johanna Holm