Letters to the Editor

Will's take on 1905 ruling at odds with earlier column

George Will's Sept. 9 column "Ruling's rehabilitation backs individual rights over regulation" ignores a key fact: Will's claim that the Supreme Court "correctly decided Lochner" in 1905 has been rejected overwhelmingly by conservatives -- including George Will.

Indeed, the author of the book Will relies on reacted by stressing that "conservative jurists have been, if anything, even more anti-Lochner than their liberal counterparts." Libertarian professor Don Bordeaux pointed out that "conservatives -- including Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia -- routinely join 'progressives' in bashing Lochner." No less a conservative icon than Robert Bork derides Lochner as being "the symbol, indeed the quintessence, of judicial usurpation of power."

Finally, as National Review commentator Matthew J. Franck explains: "This is the same George Will who in 1996 described Lochner as standing for the proposition that 'the court can overturn laws it considers unwise.'<2009>"

Glenn Sugameli, staff attorney

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Washington, D.C.