Letters to the Editor

Redistricting a chance for school board sweep

The Beaufort County school board redrawing its own districts makes as much sense as Tim Singleton approving his own pay raise.

The people objecting to redistricting as done by Beaufort County Council are the self-centered members of the school board, who believe it is all about them. Ten of 11 will have to run again.

Isn't this the same board who did not think County Council needed to approve its budget? Someone needs to inform them it's actually about children and taxpayers.

Bravo for the taxpayers of Beaufort County. We now have a chance to replace the school board and efficiently educate our children, while protecting the taxpayer. Yes to serve, you must have a strong interest in educating children, but also understand fiscal responsibility. Maybe the tea party needs to interview prospective candidates.

Bob Gregory

Hilton Head Island