Letters to the Editor

Entry fee too high for Sun City yard sale

I am a diehard yard sale person.

I just returned from Myrtle Beach's "South Carolina's Largest Yard Sale" on Sept. 10. The parking fee was $3 a car, with no fee to enter the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

I've been to the U.S. 127 "World's Longest Yard Sale," which goes through five states. No fees.

The Beaufort Gazette and The Island Packet's "World's Largest Yard Sale" is one of my favorites. No fees.

I go to Sun City Hilton Head's spring and fall yard sales every year, and I love them. They used to not charge anything, then they charged a couple of dollars, then they went up to $5 a car.

This year, for the Sept. 24 yard sale, they are charging $10 a car. In this economy, I think that is a gouging fee. Some (maybe many) people will not or cannot afford to pay that high fee. Is that what they are trying to do -- keep some people out? I thought their sellers would want all the buyers they could get.

Remember, this is a yard sale, not a concert.

Please, someone with some common (cents), reconsider this fee.

Lynda M. Tuten