Letters to the Editor

Liberal principles bedrock of our country's founding

Having read the repetitive haranguing of a few writers bent on pushing their own political agenda, I finally had to ask myself: When did "liberal" become such a bad word?

In most dictionaries, "liberal" means favoring reform, open to new ideas, tolerance of ideas and a willingness to give. Are these principles disdainful? Aren't these principles preached in church? Didn't liberals found our country?

Our country suffered a financial disaster caused by years of greed, selfishness and the loss of common sense. We caused this problem, not the government, but "we" expect the government to fix it.

Then there are the vociferous few who insist that government do nothing; business will take care of itself. You know, the same businesses that pump millions into political campaigns and caused this financial problem. Government is too big, but help us when there is a massive fire or flood or tornado ...

Some say government should only do what is written in the Constitution. Do they realize that the Constitution was written nearly 250 years ago? We've moved on from muskets to machine guns, from gentlemen farmers to professional politicians, from a militia to a military. The principles are what make this country exceptional, but the practicality has to be reasonable, thoughtful and adjustable, as theConstitution's amendments have proved.

Relabel the "Opinion" page "Rants and Raves." Let anyone spout their ideas, founded in fact or not. Allow name calling, derogatory language and insults. And put it under the international weather in very small type.

Lorin Salob