Letters to the Editor

Leubsdorf column was poor choice for Sept. 11

The editor's choice of the syndicated column published on the Sept. 11 editorial page was appalling.

Simply put, Carl Leubsdorf's comments comparing (or not comparing) the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to the attack on Pearl Harbor was nothing more than a very thinly veiled political attack.

Insensitive is a pale adjective for this piece, but the true adjectives are most likely unprintable. The column is an embarrassment to the newspaper on many fronts. Printing it on this day of remembrance and honor to loved ones lost is appalling; your judgment on choosing this particular column is appalling (nothing new there). Your sense of good taste is appalling (again, nothing new).

But worst of all, your idea of patriotism is truly embarrassing, as well as appalling, and you should be ashamed. What were you thinking?

Barbara Baroni

Hilton Head Island