Letters to the Editor

Use money to wage war to put Americans to work

Approximately 14 million people are unemployed and 40 million people are on food stamps. For a nation that prides itself on innovative approaches, the unemployment problem does not match the image.

I'm convinced nobody in Washington has any idea how, or a plan, to reduce unemployment.

Here is an idea: Walk away from our wars in the Middle East. The cost of these failed efforts is more than $3 trillion. Bring that money home to finance the cost to rejuvenate our aging and crumbling infrastructure. That includes bridges, underground utilities, electric utilities and many others. This would employ thousands of people.

Yes, it would also cause an additional rise in unemployment due to the reduction of war munitions plants. These folks would join the existing unemployed. This plan would put money in the hands of consumers, who would prime the pump of our latent economy. I know this idea will not go very far as all the members of Congress want to protect the war machine plants in their districts and avoid further unemployment.

The war could last for several more years. In the meantime, the U.S. is going broke and losing thousands of precious lives and causing debilitating injuries to many surviving war veterans. A few months back a notable journalist suggested the following: Bring home the troops and let the natives grow poppies.

George H. Rowan

Hilton Head Island