Letters to the Editor

Haley only half right on SC unemployment

On Sept. 8, Gov. Nikki Haley walked in step with other right-wing governors when she advocated drug testing all jobless people who receive unemployment benefits. These benefits help people laid off recently through no fault of their own.

Haley stated that half of job applicants at the Savannah River Site tested positive for drugs. She further said that the other half couldn't read or write properly, and that South Carolina's "problem isn't unemployment, it's education and poverty."

The assertion regarding drug use is not true. The Department of Energy, which runs the facility, states that applicants are never tested for drug use before hiring. The department stated that less than 1 percent of workers who were hired recently using Recovery Act money tested positive for drug use.

So Haley is wrong about the drug abuse, but is inadvertently correct about South Carolina's problems of education and poverty, problems she makes no effort to cure.

Lynn Tyson