Letters to the Editor

Public gets critical info with news coverage

The Island Packet deserves recognition for coverage of two unrelated but important local ongoing stories. One is the obvious effort being made by the newly elected treasurer of Beaufort County, Doug Henderson, to upgrade the performance of the Treasurer's Office. The other story concerns the compensation and performance issues surrounding Hilton Head Island High School coach Tim Singleton and the Strive to Excel program.

The positive coverage of Henderson's efforts to upgrade customer service at the Treasurer's Office, combined with the recent coverage of the "amnesty" program for tax penalties due on overdue taxes, underscores the smart and proper choice made by Beaufort County voters, who voted for sweeping change in the Treasurer's Office. Hopefully, Henderson's positive efforts are just beginning and the newspaper will continue to provide appropriate coverage.

As for Singleton, the Packet has an obligation to its readers to continue to press this story, as Singleton needs to tell his side instead of stonewalling, along with the absent Strive to Excel board members. We need to hear from students and parents affected positively or negatively by the program and from Strive staff members, whose positions were eliminated while Singleton's compensation continued to increase. When the use of charitable funds is called into question, everyone, especially those of us who contribute to those charities, are owed the full story and nothing less.

I look forward to the next issue of the Packet in my driveway. Keep up the good work.

Paul Daniels

Hilton Head Island