Letters to the Editor

Prayer alive and well at Beaufort ceremony

The Sept. 11 memorial program and service at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort on Sunday was far more that just a solemn event of remembrance. The event brought our entire community, all races and religions, together with prayers and hope for a better America.

While the federal government has removed prayer from so many places, it is the one thing that everyone, regardless of their religious belief, turns to in times of tragedy, disaster or impending doom.

For most Americans, prayer is a daily source of strength and direction. Prayer is not a "church" to be separated from a "state." Prayer is a personal spiritual connection with God as we understand him. America was founded on the hopes of prayers of our forefathers. Prayer, whether the government likes it or not, is what founded our country and keeps America going forward, in spite of the failings of our so-called representatives. Government bans on prayer were the start of the problems and failings we are now facing across the nation.

Thank God that prayer is alive and well in Beaufort.

Michael McNally

Callawassie Island