Letters to the Editor

This country needs to act more responsibly

In response to the Sept. 7 letter, "Practical suggestions for failed D.C. leadership," I would add:

This country needs to be more fiscally responsible.

It needs to put the interests of American citizens first.

It needs to look at different ways to tax its citizens. It needs a national sales tax system and a paring down of our current tax system.

This country needs to implement a "zero-based budgeting" program that looks at all our federal programs from the ground up. It needs to get into a new industrial revolution that's meaningful (or some mini industrial revolutions) -- not just making movies but producing stuff that we need and consume. That would get a lot of people back to work.

This country needs to get our troops back into the country and use them to protect our borders and strengthen our national defenses. It needs to realign itself with our real allies all over the world. It does not have to get involved in every international civil disturbance all over the world (how would we like it if some other country came to us with troops to try to change our form of government?).

This country needs to get people back to work, and become more focused on research and development.

This country needs to make government work better at all levels. It needs to be more results-oriented and make its leaders more accountable.

Larry Stoller