Letters to the Editor

Sun City doing more to reduce pollutants

The lead editorial on Sunday, Sept. 4, targeted the water runoff from the home developments in the May River watershed as the major cause of the pollution of the river, causing the closing of some of the shellfish beds to harvesting.

Sun City Hilton Head, a development of more than 3,000 rooftops, is the major development of the May River watershed. Both the Sun City Community Association and the individual residents of Sun City are taking steps to reduce stormwater runoff.

The irrigation of the "common area" of Sun City is by sprinkling utility water and pumped water from the lagoons. New sprinklers are being installed to use the pumped lagoon water to replace the utility water. Using lagoon water in this way reduces pollutants from reaching the May River. It is also cheaper than utility water. Sun City should be recognized for it.

The homeowners also are reducing stormwater runoff by installing "green" 80-gallon rain barrels, and using the water for the home lawn irrigation. This catches the rain water from the home roofs, thereby preventing it from going into the May River. The deed covenant prohibiting the rain barrels has been rescinded and we can now proceed to catch our roof rain water. We should be encouraged to add the barrels.

Cleaning the May River is the responsibility of all of us. Using rain water and lagoon water for irrigation is one effort we can participate in.

Alexander D. Kline