Letters to the Editor

Savannah airport not the answer for Hilton Head

A recent letter from a fellow reader expressed the view that Hilton Head Island has no need for commercial air service. His rationale is simple: we have an international airport just minutes away in Savannah.

Perhaps the writer has never driven from Hilton Head to Savannah or used the airport services. At best, depending on the traffic, it's an hour drive from the island to Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport. Now add at least another 30 minutes to clear security, etc., if you are lucky. Now add the required waiting time before boarding the aircraft and it can easily take two hours before you are in the air.

To even suggest that Hilton Head does not need commercial service is at best silly, when tens of thousands of people use it annually, including myself and my wife.

This whole issue regarding the trees has become an embarrassment. The aviation authority has recommended that the trees be removed, a judge has endorsed the proposal, yet this pointless debate continues month after month. The issue is clear: remove the trees before there is a serious accident.

If the Savannah airport were just a few minutes away, as suggested, I would certainly use that facility. But as we all know, that is simply day dreaming.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island