Letters to the Editor

Be careful of agendas in nurturing 'job creators'

In a recent editorial, it was suggested that "job creators" need more nurturing. These are the same advocates who gave us the Bush tax cuts, two unfunded wars, incentives to relocate corporations in business-friendly states, and the downgrade of government debt created by "uncertainty" in the process of raising the debt ceiling.

How's this working for South Carolina? What's the unemployment rate? What state reduced the number of weeks for collecting unemployment benefits? What's the state's high school graduation rate? What state refused federal funding for schools? What's the state's percentage of health care coverage? What state refused federal funding for health care?

And when Hurricane Irene laid its devastation on the East Coast, it was suggested that federal relief should assist the recovery, but with offsetting budget cuts. Sure, how about cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? One wouldn't expect "job creators" to make any sacrifices.

Walter Wagner

Hilton Head Island