Letters to the Editor

Voters, don't be misled about best GOP chance

With the exception of the hard left and many in the African-American community, most Americans agree that Obama's is a failed presidency. Most of his efforts have been dismal failures. Nothing he has done or proposed has improved job creation, the economy or given confidence to the private sector to invest in America's future. His foreign affairs initiatives have also weakened America.

In the next 14 months, Americans need to hear much less about Obama's failures (we've heard more than enough already). Instead, we need to hear more about how to ensure he does not get reelected. So, which Republican candidate is best qualified and has the best solutions to our many problems to win the presidency?

Unfortunately, the biased liberal media believe it is their job, not that of Republican primary voters, to determine who should be the Republican nominee. However, they will always pick the weaker candidate because it will improve Obama's chances. Does Sen. John McCain in 2008 come to mind? The media loved him during the Republican presidential primary.

Do not be misled by the polls. Unless they are verified by more conservative newspapers, Fox News or talk radio, do not believe what the mainstream media feeds you daily. They are deceptive at best and outright lies at the worst.

In the end, whichever Republican candidate is nominated, he or she needs our support, our money and our vote. It cannot be said often enough or loud enough, America cannot afford another four years of Obama.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island