Letters to the Editor

Carnage shows value of concealed weapons

Yet another random shooting by a crazed person at a restaurant in Nevada. What happened to the prospect of the state of South Carolina allowing residents to carry a concealed weapon without needing a permit?

I can't help but think that if that horrible event happened here, someone with a weapon on them might have prevented the magnitude of such a disaster.

I'm talking about allowing a person who has a clean background to carry a gun for self defense.

The current law here to allow a person to carry is expensive and I believe that is why people who feel the need to carry for self defense can't afford to apply.

I do recommend a safety course before a person can carry.

I, for one, would have tried my best to avert such a carnage had I been armed.

The changes in the law seem to be in limbo now to make sure that the government does it right.

That's fine, but come on South Carolina, work harder to get this change in place before this type of thing happens again and again.

I would put my life in the line of fire for any innocent person.

I truly believe that allowing our residents to carry a concealed weapon might make this type of thing less likely to happen.

Don Rocco

Sun City Hilton Head