Letters to the Editor

Airport doesn't need commercial service

Like countless others, I've been watching in amusement the various letters regarding the potential tree cutting for Hilton Head Island's airport. David L. White's letter published Sept. 2 is the first one that actually made sense.

I've always thought it makes no sense to even have commercial air traffic out of Hilton Head, as we have a very good airport (the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport) just a few minutes away.

Mr. White actually pulls things into proper perspective. If we're so worried about a small handful of folks being hurt or killed by a few trees (which he so accurately analyzed), I say expand his thought and simply eliminate all trees that folks might manage to use to hurt themselves and protect thousands of people. Maybe we should enact a law that outlaws all trees in Beaufort County; after all, a child may climb one and fall out, hurting himself.

I vote with Mr. White. Leave the trees alone, and if folks are too worried about them on the island, they can avail themselves of the very good airport just a few minutes away.

Michel Whitaker