Letters to the Editor

Practical suggestions for failed D.C. leadership

What is going on in this country is absolutely disgraceful.

There is a total lack of leadership exhibited by the executive and legislative branches of government. There is an atmosphere of fear, loathing, and mistrust. We have record unemployment, a downgrade of U.S. debt, and an economy that is barely moving.

Everyone owns these problems, regardless of party affiliation.

I offer the following solutions as a means of regaining stability.

Enact an immediate freeze on the implementation of all federal regulations; withhold the use of all political contributions; freeze the pay of all legislators until there is a budget solution resolved by the House and Senate; enact legislation that the federal budget cannot increase by any more than 2.5 percent, and if it does, put a trigger in to reduce overall budget expenses; enact legislation that in order to qualify for unemployment insurance individuals will have to go to work in some government-sponsored program; enact term limits for all legislators; eliminate all lifetime benefits for legislators.

By starting to address the issues we face, I believe we can put people back to work, save money to reduce our deficit, and hold our taxes steady.

Let's get going!

Richard Strauss