Letters to the Editor

Tea party actions, goals couldn't be more different

The Aug. 21 letter "Decline of America on the horizon" is correct about our country.

Unfortunately, the rest of the letter reveals a writer who is delusional.

His reference to the tea party as a mob shows he is a dupe who has been drinking too much Democratic Kool-Aid. The tea party is not a mob; it is the most peaceful, intelligent, productive, patriotic group to form since our Founding Fathers.

When they assemble, they pay their own way, unlike the bused-in poor people and union stooges.

There is no violence, drug use, drunkenness, vandalism or trashing. They are Republicans, Democrats and independents who recognize that President Barack Obama's wild spending binge is bankrupting the nation.

The letter writer compares America to ancient Greece, Rome and England. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today's European mobs want to continue their wasteful over-generous social programs that are unsustainable, like the tax-and-spend policies of Obama and the Democratic Party.

Long live the tea party.

Walter Liesegang

Hilton Head Island