Letters to the Editor

Golf financial reports need to be separate

As a non-golfer, I attended the golf workshop at Sun City Hilton Head on Aug. 30. There were good recommendations and comments made by the residents.

When we chose to move here as non-golfers more than eight years ago, we selected this community because of the complete lifestyle venues offered, including golf. I thought this amenity would aid in maintenance of my property value and assist in selling my property whenever I decided to put it on the market. So I've always been willing to have a "reasonable" (roughly $100) annual golf assessment per rooftop as opposed to the golf amenity cost being borne solely by those who play golf.

But I do have one very huge caveat associated with my willingness. I would urge that the golf financial picture be reported separately from the rest of the budget as it always has been. I think this will continue to portray to the golfing, and especially the non-golfing, residents that golf remains a major financial focus.

It will also assure that non-golfers are not being asked to subsidize lower than "reasonable" golf round rates. For example, and I know this is unlikely, I would hate for the future golf round rate to go down to $15 and the rooftop golf assessment to $150.

I see a distinct advantage in maintaining this visibility in reporting a very important aspect of the community.

Michael F. Vezeau

Sun City Hilton Head