Letters to the Editor

Nurture, don't stifle, talents of job creators

The unemployment-underemployment rate in the U.S. is nearly 18 percent. It seems obvious that whatever economic model our government is using hasn't been very effective for the people who need a job.

Let me offer an old-fashioned idea. Job creation is a talent. It is a gift that most of us don't have. Like great musical talent or batting .300 in the major leagues, it is a talent in short supply. As with the talent for music or baseball, the job-creating talent must be nurtured, and the road to achievement cannot be impeded by outside influences. Great talent comes to fruition only if the support for such talent is willingly present. Also, great talent is normally paid very well.

Should it be different for those who are gifted with business talents? We need to nurture our job creators if we want well paying jobs for those of us who aren't gifted in job creation. Objectively, if we undermine our well-paid business talent with our petty jealousies, we undermine our own standard of living and that of our children. Making the road difficult for future business leaders undermines the future of our nation.

This writer believes President Barack Obama wishes the story of the talents were not true, but the economic history of socialist nations is not good. It seems to be common sense that if we are to have jobs we need job creators. Vote.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island