Letters to the Editor

New county districts are too gerrymandered

Where is the outrage on redistricting Beaufort County for our school board and County Council representatives?

The map looks like a jigsaw puzzle. I am sure there was every attempt to isolate the minority voters into just two districts. Our natural boundaries (rivers) were totally ignored.

Apparently, voters were the last consideration. They should be the first consideration. Surely, it is obvious that a representative should live in the same general area where the voters live -- on the chance that voters might actually know him or her.

Also the concerns of voters in the city might be quite different from those in our rural areas.

My district (District 5) is rural. It includes most of St. Helena Island, except for the part across Chowan Creek on the south end of Lady's Island, then goes across Port Royal Sound at Parris Island and across the Beaufort River, where a Z-shaped part goes into the city of Beaufort. Gerrymandered? I think so.

How about District 7? It's part of the city of Beaufort, then goes across the Beaufort River to the north end of Lady's Island, then way down the Morgan River and St. Helena Sound to include bits of St. Helena Island (oops, I think I am in District 7 after all) and around to add in Harbor, Hunting and Fripp islands.

I attended public meetings; I was sure we would not have any effect with our comments.

What do you think?

Anne Pollitzer

St. Helena Island