Letters to the Editor

Children in America need our help, love, too

The column by David Lauderdale about Dr. Mike Danoff brought tears to my eyes.

I admire him tremendously and wish him all the best.

I would like to pose some questions to Danoff and other good citizens who come to America and get educated and become successful and financially secure. And it's not criticism of their success or good deeds. I would also like to pose the same questions to Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and other Hollywood stars who can't find a road map to Harlem if they want a brown-skinned child to adopt or to rural America, where children are hungry and orphaned and need medical care and love.

Do they not know, or care about neglected children and orphans who need help in America? Do they think American children are not as worthy, hungry, abused or as needy, just because they were born in America? Do they think American children all have clothes, transportation and school supplies?

Do they think they should give back to America first?

Verna Stevens

Hilton Head Island