Letters to the Editor

Criticism crosses line into rhetorical nonsense

Freedom of speech enables a recent letter writer to offer the following accusatory bit of madness: "(Obama) ... is determined to destroy this country economically."

This writer undoubtedly calls himself a patriot, a concerned citizen proclaiming his love of America and his great fear for the future of our country. I would offer this nonsensical and groundless rant panders to the most irrational and susceptible radicals among us. Statements like this serve to escalate the uncivil discourse in America today. Is that the purpose behind this statement?

Simplistically, why on earth would anyone want to ruin their own home, family or country? How severely brainwashed is this person to make such a statement? While freedom of speech protects reactionaries to vomit whatever drivel they wish and enables this publication to print this inflammatory claptrap, doesn't the Fourth Estate also have an obligation when it comes to abetting irresponsible poppycock?

Sherry McKnight