Letters to the Editor

Bias can be found on MSNBC, not Fox

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. must think the American people are ignorant, blind and deaf.

He, like the very liberal media coverage at ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, are all in bed with President Barack Obama.

Pitts and the liberal media present their viewers and readers with a distorted and one-sided view of politics. If you disagree with the liberals, they will degrade you and try to destroy you with personal attacks and label you a racist or even a terrorist.

At Fox News, both parties discuss topics, present facts within a fair and balanced time frame.

Let us examine the three-ring circus and side show at the lowest-ranked cable network -- MSNBC -- totally liberal and leaning left, not leaning forward. Comcast purchasesMSNBC, and Keith Olbermann, an off-the-charts liberal, is fired. Here comes Ed Schultz, in the same mold, adding anger and hate. His witch hunt rant against a FOX News reporter earned him a 10-day suspension. He would have been fired at FOX.

Chris Matthews, another MSNBC host, comes across as arrogant and obnoxious when he describes Republicans and conservatives. He thinks that Obama does no wrong. Larry O'Donnell -- he's demeaning, condescending and constantly smears conservatives. Lastly, we have Rachel Maddow. She talks in circles but says nothing.

It seems to me that the MSNBC hosts are obsessed with criticizing FOX News. Their shows are tinged with character assassination and blatantly biased. MSNBC: where news goes to die.

Conrad Kramer

Sun City Hilton Head