Letters to the Editor

Causes unpersuasive in list of US problems

A recent letter writer attempted to explain "the core of the problems we face as Americans."

America is in decline, the author wrote, having "... lost our dignity as individuals." He blamed this loss of refinement on tattoos, a sloppy dress code, an unforgivable deterioration in popular music and art, as well as drugs and "news as entertainment."

The writer also counts U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson and the tea party among culprits complicit in the "unstoppable" fall of America. The "rehearsed politician" Wilson sinned by insulting the president on television. The tea party is "simply a mob, anger spawned by ignorance." In the author's view, tea party members (and, it looks like, Wilson, drug users, music listeners, tattoo wearers, news watchers and sloppy dressers) are the lowest common denominator of behavior, putting America on precisely the path taken by Rome, Greece and England, which lost their way.

The author is, of course, entitled to his opinion, but his arguments linking America's problems with a laundry-list of supposed causes are unpersuasive, even incoherent. And since the author is unable to make a cogent point, a reader might conclude that the writer is wrong both about what ails America and why.

Bob Freeman

Fripp Island