Letters to the Editor

Stop blaming others and get the job done

I listened to our president on television and then to our Speaker of the House.

Rep. John Boehner sounded like a wounded spoiled child. A story in the newspaper stated that Boehner places the blame for the debt crisis on President Barack Obama. Who cares? Our country is on a brink, and he's talking blame. They all want to be kings.

What good is it to be king over something broken and dysfunctional? Roll up those sleeves, and get the job done. It is that simple. What's a 2 percent tax increase to a billionaire?

I am tired and disgusted with the rhetoric. Stop taking money from the poor to continue giving to the rich and simply sign on the dotted line before Tuesday.

I am sure Rep. Joe Wilson and Sen. Jim DeMint are prodding Boehner to hold tight.

They are experts at keeping down the low man. Really something to be proud of. I'm throwing up already.

Thanks for taking the time to read this; I've made my phone calls, etc., and cannot do more.

God help the U.S. because, for sure, Boehner isn't. He's making sure he and his ilk get theirs and the others be damned.

Loretta Janelis