Letters to the Editor

Important PASS scores not where they should be

PASS scores are in. The pass rate for a subject is defined as the percentage of students who met the standards plus the percentage of students who scored "exemplary."

We have our superintendent and hard-working teachers to thank for the success of advanced math offerings in our Beaufort County middle schools. A closer review of PASS scores on the state Department of Education website shows the number of students who scored "exemplary" on the math portion contributed substantially to the pass rate in our middle schools. It is no surprise our advanced students carry their weight when contributing their scores to the pass rate on our state exam.

But science and social studies scores between Hilton Head Island Middle School and our Bluffton middle schools vary in a red flag sort of way. The breakdown for pass rates for these two core subjects:

H.E. McCracken, eighth grade only: Social studies, 73.8 percent; science 85.5 percent.

Bluffton, sixth and seventh grades (pass rates listed respectively): Social studies, 84.3 percent and 67.4 percent; science, 72.8 percent and 75.7 percent.

Hilton Head Island, sixth, seventh and eighth grades (pass rates listed respectively): Social studies, 62.8 percent, 64.6 percent and 69.2 percent; science, 63.1 percent, 67.5 percent and 78.9 percent.

The proof is in the scores.

JoAnn Orischak

Hilton Head Island