Letters to the Editor

Why send offshore good aerospace jobs?

More than 3,000 aerospace workers (engineers and other highly trained specialists) will join the unemployment lines in the next few weeks.

The Obama administration ended the space shuttle program, deciding instead to do our future launches to the space station via a Russian launch vehicle (Soyuz). So instead of 900 jobs at NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston, plus 1,500 to 1,800 jobs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and others at various companies that refurbish the rocket motors or provide other support for these space missions, all this work will be done overseas. U.S. taxpayers will be paying Russia for these launches until "private enterprise" can develop additional launch vehicles.

In addition, it has been announced that 1,200 engineers at Lockheed Martin's aerospace division will be laid off, further increasing unemployment and loss of critical skills in the aerospace and defense manufacturing and development sector.

Don Starkey