Letters to the Editor

Put term limits at top of Congress' to-do list

Thanks to Sen. Lindsey Graham for his July 20 column on a balanced budget amendment.

Most Americans would be foolish not to agree on running our government like our households. We can't spend and borrow and lay our future debt on the backs of our children.

His comment concerning Congress making decisions based on the next election and not how it affects the American people is well-taken. But I would go one step further. Just as President Barack Obama doesn't think a balanced budget amendment is needed, Congress also completely ignores the people's wish for term limits.

Our nation's forefathers meant for members of Congress, such as Graham, to come to Washington for a short while and then go back to the farm (or other occupation). His job was never meant to be a career opportunity. It disgusts me and other good Americans to see many members of Congress gloat about having 30-plus years of experience. Sorry, this is not a plus for many of us. This longevity leads to corruption at the expense of the American taxpayer. Their thirst for a career in Congress is spurred by special-interest politics, very akin to a devil's workshop.

So while Obama is out of touch with his "no" vote on a balanced budget amendment, most of Congress is completely out of touch on America's wish for term limits.

Graham should go forward with a balanced budget amendment, but attach a term-limits clause while he's at it.

Ron Pozsonyi