Letters to the Editor

'An American's Creed' was written by a liberal

A July 17 letter to the editor quoted Dean Alfange's "An American's Creed."

The writer went on to say, "These are concepts that most liberals will never understand ... "

If that is true, Alfange was one of the few liberals to have understood his own creed. The 91-year-old Alfange, said his Oct. 27, 1989, New York Times obituary, was "a lawyer who ran unsuccessfully for governor of New York in 1942 as a candidate of the American Labor Party and who two years later was a leader in forming the Liberal Party."

The American Labor Party was founded in 1936 "to appeal to voters who otherwise might have voted for Socialist and even Republican candidates." ("Encyclopedia of the Great Depression")

In "The New Dealer's War: FDR and the War within World War II," Thomas Fleming wrote that the American Labor Party "nominated a liberal, Dean Alfange, as their candidate. He was soon calling himself the only New Dealer in the race."

In the "Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections," Molly Clancy writes: "In 1944, the Liberal Party was established as an anticommunist alternative to the ALP. ... While the party generally supported Democrats (New York law allows minor parties to cross-endorse candidates of other parties), it occasionally supported liberal Republicans."

Imagine that.

Dennis Adams