Letters to the Editor

School district should rethink how it spends

There is a lot going on at Hilton Head Island schools this summer. Eight trailers were torn down at Hilton Head Island Middle School, and roadwork is going on as turn lanes and new curbs are built. I am sure the money for this comes from bond money for capital improvements.

However, the elimination of eight trailers at the middle school is questionable because the classes held in these trailers will now have to be crammed into the school building. The class sizes will most certainly go up in all classes. Whatever cost-savings benefit there might be for doing this, it is most certainly not a student or academic benefit.

Hilton Head Island High School is losing four teaching positions this year, totaling about 20 positions lost over the past three years.

We need to rethink how schools are funded and how money is used for our schools. New turn lanes and curbs are pleasing to the eye on the outside of the school, but certainly retaining four teaching positions at the high school would be more beneficial to our students and to the education and academic performance of our students inside our schools.

We must begin changing this system and focusing on student benefits and providing not just an adequate, but an outstanding, educational experience for our children. This focus will help to bring economic stability and will be our legacy in Beaufort County.

Phyllis Neville

Hilton Head Island