Letters to the Editor

GOP OK with deficits when it suits its purpose

I guess leopards really do change their spots.

The Republicans used to be war hawks without a single worry about the costs. We heard "stay the course" and "whatever General Petraeus says" over and over again ad nauseam.

None of them was at all concerned with increasing revenue in order to wage wars, provide prescription drug benefits and give hefty tax breaks to their rich contributors.

So now the Republicans, compliments of the tea party, are suddenly deficit hawks. They want smaller government and less intrusion into people's private lives (except when it comes to abortion, religion and gay marriage). But they want to protect those tax cuts for the wealthy no matter what. Have any of you noticed your wealthy neighbors going without anything? They say that these wealthy folks are the job creators. So for the 10 years they have enjoyed the lowest taxes since Dwight Eisenhower was president, has anybody seen any jobs being created?

If only former President George W. Bush would step back into the public arena for five minutes and say that while it was their hope jobs would trickle down from the job creators to Americans looking for work, unfortunately there is no evidence that it has worked.

Bush's father had to raise taxes, and ultimately we are going to have to raise them again, in addition to cutting spending, to seriously address the deficit.

Maggie Morse