Letters to the Editor

Tea party members caring, giving people

In a July 12 letter, the writer asserts that the tea party offers "nothing besides assertions that 'I've got mine!' and 'we ain't gonna help' those without means ..."

That evening, I was with 15 of the Hilton Head TEA Party people who organized our Independence Day celebration. All affirmed that they give their time, talents and financial resources to help others less fortunate.

This is in stark contrast to Washington liberals, who cannot cut spending but threaten to cut payments to Social Security recipients, many of whom depend on those checks as a return of the money they had to pay into Social Security.

Here's one small example of the "I've got mine!" attitude, which more correctly resides within D.C. liberals. The number of government limousines increased 73 percent during the first two years of the Obama administration. The official justification is "security." Most of the additional limos are used by the State Department, which is concerned about dangerous attacks on the undersecretary for economic, energy and agricultural affairs, or the special envoy for climate change, or the coordinator of reconstruction and stabilization.

I encourage the writer to learn about the Hilton Head TEA Party and invite him to join us at our forum at noon Tuesday at Aunt Chiladas Easy Street Cafe. In the meantime, he could visit www.TEApartyhhi.org. and read our statement of principles.

The Hilton Head TEA Party will treat him and up to five of his friends to the taco bar as a gesture of our good will.

Kate Keep

Hilton Head Island