Letters to the Editor

Citizens can see need for political compromise

I recently had the pleasure of driving three friends from Fripp Island to Sea Pines for a game of golf.

Usually when four South Carolina men get in a car, it has a tendency to tilt right. But on this day, we all agreed that the discussions and negotiations surrounding the issue of increasing the debt limit had turned into pure and simple political posturing with a view toward the 2012 elections -- still 16 months away -- and so the car stayed in the middle of the road.

We have had several votes to raise the debt ceiling, none of which was tied to anything. But this year there was hope a plan to actually reduce the deficit could be negotiated and, through compromise, be made a part of the debt-ceiling increase.

Republicans still believe -- after eight years of Bush tax cuts -- that jobs can be created from lower taxes. History shows that private-sector jobs are created when they are needed to fulfill demand from consumers. Democrats cling to the notion that our entitlement programs are safe for our grandchildren. That is also a misconception.

We need to raise the debt limit, and we will only do so through compromise.

Dick Briggs

Fripp Island