Letters to the Editor

Why not use tax dollars to dredge waterways?

I am a Sea Pines resident and attended the meeting where the dredging options were explained.

I did not get a chance to ask my question and after more thought have decided that my question is really for Hilton Head Island Town Council members to answer.

Why is the town not using accommodations tax money and hospitality tax money to dredge Sea Pines waterways?

The money is collected from tourists, and as I understand how this money is spent, it is to promote tourism. Harbour Town and South Beach Village attract tourists and generate much tax revenue. Sea Pines attracts vacationers who stay in homes and villas and pay these taxes. Yet rarely is any of this money spent on Sea Pines. A good portion of the money goes to beach renourishment. The town did pay for renourishing the beach down at South Beach. Since Sea Pines beaches (except for South Beach) are accreting, Sea Pines does not need renourishment. But we do need dredging of our very famous waterways that attract many tourists, and let me repeat, generate a lot of accommodations tax and hospitality tax revenue.

The town stands to lose a lot of money if our marinas silt in. So why are the residents being asked to pick up any part of the bill? And why hasn't Community Services Associates and the Association of Sea Pines Plantation Property Owners asked this question?

All three need to answer my question and pursue this option.

Felice LaMarca

Hilton Head Island