Letters to the Editor

Obama gets priorities wrong for our nation

President Barack Obama has reached a new low. Amid crashing polling numbers caused by failing policies, Obama is trying to deflect blame by scaring seniors and our fighting men and women.

Obama had two full years of a veto-proof Congress. He had 100 percent control. During that time, he and Democrats racked up the largest debts of any president since 1776. Billions were squandered on the meaningless "stimulus," and Congress didn't even pass a 2011 budget.

Facing a revolt among Americans sick and tired of intrusive, expensive government, overpaid workers and waste, Obama scrapes bottom stating he can't "guarantee" Social Security and military paychecks will be paid if the debt ceiling isn't raised. He had two full years to deal with this with no opposition -- and now he wants to blame others and scare people.

Sorry, Obama, we are on to you.

Here's the solution: Close the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Education and all the other worthless and unneeded agencies. Give them a forced furlough. Do it right now.

Take the money you save and pay those who earned their checks: Social Security recipients, Medicare recipients and the military.

It is all so easy if you are honest and have your priorities straight.

And when you finally decide to do what you told us -- go through the budget line-by-line -- you can sign the "balanced budget amendment."

Get your priorities straight, Obama. Enough of the Chicago politics.

Mark Generales