Letters to the Editor

Little reason to vote for Republican in 2012

Several of the regular anti-President Barack Obama writers have implored us to vote Republican.

I give them credit. I'd be embarrassed to say I'm Republican. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was interviewed by Charlie Rose on June 26. Rose isn't on Fox News, so I doubt they heard Coburn say, "Neither party is concerned with what's good for America; they just want power." He cited the Republican Congress passing Medicare Part D (prescription drugs) with no funding "to ensure (George W.) Bush's 2004 re-election." This man's my hero.

And the Republicans, acting like petulant children, tried to stop deployment of low-energy light bulbs, claiming "big government." It's sad.

The last Republican president increased the national debt by $5 trillion and supported the Immigration Reform Act with its "path to citizenship" for those here illegally.

Recession in the fourth quarter of 2007 was followed by economic collapse, bailouts and takeovers. Most important, Bush admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Thousands dead, families shattered, trillions borrowed because of his error. I voted for Bush, but he left a mess that can't be fixed in a few years.

The country's approaching bankruptcy. We all must sacrifice -- retirees, middle class and the poor. But the Republicans won't raise taxes, not even on the rich. That would be bad for the economy.

So go vote for Sarah Palin because she's Republican, although she revises geography, history and the English language each time she opens her mouth. I'll try thinking.

Jon Peluso

Sun City Hilton Head