Letters to the Editor

Don't listen to tales on not raising debt limit

At a news conference July 11, President Barack Obama was asked to comment on his reaction to the fact that 69 percent of those polled were against raising the debt limit.

His answer was succinct and direct: the American people do not matter. We are not smart enough to know or care about these subjects. So there you have it. Obama and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner are the only ones who count. He also told Congress that he is the boss. Do it his way or no way, and he blames the Republicans for not negotiating. His plans put all nasty items, such as tax increases (what he and Democrats want) to take effect after the next election.

To my representatives, whose staffs read these papers, I want to say I am with the majority. Let's not raise the debt limit, and let's see what that brings up. I am sure there will be some less dire results than predicted. Why should we listen to Obama and Geithner about the disastrous calamity that would ensue? We saw how well they fixed the economy with the stimulus package.

Yes, I am very unhappy to find that so many of you are still in bed with this administration.

I opposed Obama and his backers before the election and do so even more now.

Fernand LaBranche