Letters to the Editor

Republicans watch out for wealthy, no one else

Republicans in both the House and Senate voted for massive cuts to the Medicare program.

If those cuts were signed into law, the program would be decimated. The massive cuts they voted for are not reductions in the overall cost of medical care; they are massive cuts to the payments made to medical care providers by the federal government. In other words, a large portion of the costs that Medicare now pays will be paid by senior citizens.

That is the equivalent of a tax increase for all seniors. But Republicans claim they are opposed to tax increases. In reality, with their forked-tongue rhetoric, they are only opposed to tax increases for the wealthy.

And guess what is back? The Republican plan for privatizing Social Security. You remember the plan that they put on the shelf when the stock market went on the ropes. Now privatization is back on their agenda. What would have happened to seniors if that nonsense had been the law of the land when the stock market went south?

Along with Medicaid, these programs are safety nets intended to ensure the dignity of citizens in their twilight years. They are programs that millions of Americans have benefited from, programs that will be there for millions more unless, of course, the Republicans succeed.

The bottom line is that senior citizens cannot trust Republicans with their Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs. And if seniors cannot trust Republicans, can anyone else? Well, maybe the very wealthy.

Tony Amadeo,

Sun City Hilton Head