Letters to the Editor

Divisive language hurts efforts to help country

I was disturbed by the headline, "Never back down" on a story about the Hilton Head Island TEA Party's Fourth of July celebration.

One of the speakers, Eric Golub said, "Never give up, never give in and don't back down from a fight." This is the language of war, not politics. We aren't on a battlefield. We aren't about destroying enemies.

Honest political discourse recognizes that people can disagree on issues with respect, not divisiveness and hate. Our democratic system of government requires compromise to get anything done. Yes, the Founding Fathers had to compromise when developing the Constitution. I wonder where the country would be today if they had never backed down and never considered different points of view. "Never back down" might be a good rallying cry for a war, but not for good government.

TEA Party members, you have liberty already. Quit crying and complaining about socialism. Turn off FOX News and Rush Limbaugh, moderate your incendiary language and let's work together to find solutions for the pressing problems facing our nation. We're all Americans. Terry Gibson Lady's Island