Letters to the Editor

Intractable positions won't solve problems

An independent voter, I marvel at how the "tea party" has hijacked the entire Republican Party, as party faithful sit idly by.

They offer nothing besides assertions that "I've got mine!" and "we ain't gonna help" those without means, irrespective of the economic conditions that forced a significant portion of our society into poverty, joblessness and homelessness.

High unemployment and overseas plant transfers are a direct result of legitimate ambitions of the workers elsewhere to share in the fruits of their labor and improvements in lifestyle they seek. Because they'll work for less, they've attracted businesses seeking to bolster profits demanded by shareholders, no matter how our factories here are emptied.

There's a continuing wave of innovation in industry that increases productivity, reliability and product quality -- with significantly less labor. Even if we are able to somehow coerce our plants into returning, workers have to understand and operate increasingly complex systems in their plants. Older employees with lesser skills are no longer needed or may not be economically or mentally retrainable for the jobs being created by technology -- even if they have been making their mortgage payments and putting their kids through college for years and years.

There are systemic problems that cannot be solved by "I've got mine" kinds of thinking, especially if such positions obviate finding solutions that address systemic problems we all face. It is necessary to reach compromises in Congress if we are going address our society's problems. Intractability is insanity.

Kenneth R. Anderson

Hilton Head Island