Letters to the Editor

County does students disservice on tax hike

Beaufort County Council recently decided to deprive our school district of the funds it needs to operate. The school district deserves these funds, considering the council's attitude to funding for other programs, the successes of our district, the small cost and the need for the increases. County Council has long supported private activities in Beaufort County. This is great, as it shows support for local interests, until prioritizing of these programs comes ahead of government programs we depend on, such as our public schools. This is happening continually in our county. Our school district is one of the more progressive districts in South Carolina. Our successes show it. It has instituted innovative programs in our schools, such as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, a successful program that emphasizes positive behavior; International Baccalaureate, which fosters a high-quality, internationally minded curriculum; and science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs, which introduce and emphasize these high income and growth fields. The proposed tax increase would yield about $1.66 million. When people pool their money, each pays a small amount; $20 for a $250,000 home each year. The small tax increase requested by the district helps more than it hurts. It is our job to serve our students and serve them well. Give them a future by helping improve one of their basic rights: education. Please help us protect our achievements by allowing our students to have the tools they need to succeed by approving this small tax increase. Nicholas Western Beaufort