Letters to the Editor

Our future depends on voting for Republican

Most Americans have heard more than enough to convince themselves that the administration is on the wrong track to solving America's many problems: domestic, foreign, economic, social and political. And it should be obvious that four more years of President Barck Obama, in spite of one's political leanings, will only make matters worse. Traditionally, Americans vote one-third Democratic, one-third Republican and one-third independent, meaning the independents really elect our president. The mainstream media would like you to believe that the tea party movement and other grass-roots groups are a 2010 aberration. Don't believe it. They will elect our next president, and God bless them for accepting that responsibility. Currently, the mainstream media are marginalizing many Republican candidates. Whoever eventually wins that nomination will certainly be attacked by the media as incompetent, lacking experience in domestic or foreign affairs, indecisive, no charisma, personal shortcomings, ad infinitum. Fifteen percent of registered Republicans in 2008 stayed home instead of voting for John McCain. Obama won by 6 percent. Just imagine where America might be today if McCain were our president. Let's not make that same mistake in 2012 because the future of America is at stake. By all means, vote for the Republican presidential primary candidate you believe best qualified. However, even if your choice does not win, it is imperative that you support, donate to and vote for the one who does. All of the current nominees are light years better than the guy we got. Tom Hatfield Hilton Head Island