Letters to the Editor

Don't repeat mistake in next year's election

They really must think we are stupid. When the "stimulus" was being debated, many of us were worried that with all that money, much of it would be wasted.

"Don't worry," said President Barack Obama, "I appointed (Vice President) Joe Biden to watch where every dollar goes and nobody messes with Joe." Or words to that effect.

What happened? We got shrimp on treadmills, money for a cowboy poetry festival, the training of Chinese prostitutes, the dating procedures of college students and even by the president's own admission, not very many "shovel ready" projects.

Now we are told by the president that he is appointing Biden to study ways to reduce fraud and waste by about $1 billion.

If the president is serious, why wasn't this the first priority of his administration instead of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, which still remains open? Does Obama really think we have faith in Biden or him to get the job done right?

Notify the White House. Let them know we are not buying their nonsense again. In the last presidential election, many voted for hope and change.

This time, the motto for this ongoing, 24/7 re-election campaign should be, "Get real, you can't keep borrowing money forever."

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island