Letters to the Editor

Sun City golf fee plan won't have desired effect

I want to echo the sentiments expressed in a recent letter, "Sun City golf fees hike bad business decision," about changing the Sun City Hilton Head golf fee structure. When the year began, a new pricing plan was put into place. There are more than 30 different price points. Sun City, as a senior community, should have thought about the need to have a nine-hole option for those who have physical issues, especially in the summer. The nine-hole players will have to play on the new Argent course or pay a steep rate increase. An e-mail sent to the Sun City golfers stated that due to golf being behind budget for the first six months of the year, the board decided to adjust the golf rates for July. What escapes me is how you can raise rates at the start of the year and expect to bring back golfers who defected to some of the excellent courses in the area. Now the board thinks that raising the July rates will correct the budget shortfall? Does repeating the same mistake again mean we will have a different result? I keep receiving coupons for deeply discounted rates to attract us to nearby courses. Guess what will happen to the budget shortfall? Larry Kowitt Sun City Hilton Head