Letters to the Editor

Health care, retirement issues for 2012 election

When Rep. Eric Cantor and other Republicans walked out of the budget meetings because they refused to negotiate, the stage is now set for November 2012.

You can either vote to protect your, your children's and their children's Social Security and post-retirement health care benefits or you can vote for the candidates who prefer instead to give that funding to those who have an adjusted gross income above $250,000 annually. It is that simple.

You can keep calling President Barack Obama a socialist; you can ask him to staple his birth certificate to his forehead; you can question where he decides to pray; you can do a whole lot of silly stuff.

But remember, the biggest issue in front of you will be this: Are you willing to trade Social Security and Medicare benefits for you and your progeny so that people making more than $250,000 a year can have extra money?

If the answer is yes, keep voting Republican.

Peter C. Rosato

Hilton Head Island