Letters to the Editor

Tourists should respect beach parking restrictions

Summer is upon us, and it looks to be off to a great start. But there are those few who come to enjoy Hilton Head Island but spoil the attitude some of us islanders have toward tourists. I ran into one of them at the Islander Beach Park. A van with out-of-state plates pulled into the parking lot to unload the family, then proceeded to a parking space. I mentioned to him that you have to have a resident's beach sticker to park in these spaces or the town would give you a $20 fine for illegal parking. His attitude was that he could park anywhere considering how much money he was spending on his family's Hilton Head vacation, and a $20 fine was nothing compared to what he spends on daily parking in the city back home. He said he would take his chance and park where islanders park. Maybe the fine should be $120; that might deter those who consider it their right to park anywhere. He is right, $20 is nothing, so why not charge $120 and bring in some additional revenue? If tourists want to park in the islanders' beach parking areas, then perhaps they should buy property on Hilton Head, pay taxes and purchase a beach parking sticker. I welcome those visitors who help keep our beaches pristine and enjoy our island for all that it offers. Those who can't respect the environment and simple parking restrictions need to find another island to vacation on. Bill Wagner Hilton Head Island