Letters to the Editor

Keeping Heritage here worth tax dollars spent

I have lived on Hilton Head Island since 1984 and have volunteered and attended every Heritage golf tournament since April 1985. This tournament is a vital event for our island. Paying a few tax dollars to help support it is not only sensible, but part of our island heritage and responsibility. I applaud Hilton Head Town Council for taking action to keep the tournament part of the island's and region's economy. If you don't think that almost every business -- be it restaurant, hotel, retail store or even another golf course -- reap benefits from this tournament, you should get out in our community during the tournament. You can see plainly what goes on. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that are raised for the Heritage Classic Foundation are distributed to nonprofit and charitable groups throughout the region. This tournament is "our heritage." Support it and rejoice that the tournament will remain here to benefit all of us. Phyllis Neville Hilton Head Island