Letters to the Editor

Homosexual marriage another misstep for US

America fell another rung down the ladder of truth and justice with New York's legalization of marriage for homosexual couples.

America abandoned her anchors in Judeo-Christian morality a long time ago -- long enough ago that now politicians feel unashamedly capable of redefining moral truth, of redefining the family, of redefining marriage, of redefining truth and justice. Why not? They have redefined human life itself. It's OK for a mother to cause death to her "non-human person" fetus, but at the same time, to murder a pregnant woman is to commit murder on two counts. Go figure.

Justice built on mere human reasoning, guided by what "seems fair" to men who have pushed God to the outer fringes of society, results in injustice. Nazi atrocities prove what even "Christian" nations are capable of when they decide to define justice for themselves.

God created man and woman and designed us to be different and complementary to one another in many ways, physically and emotionally, with different sensitivities and gifts. He designed us with differences ordered to help us each grow into the fullness of mature human beings as man and woman. He designed us to be fathers and mothers for children who need both a father and a mother.

No matter how loudly experts insist that we are all accidents anyway, so our definition of justice is all we've got -- none of this expert arrogance can overwhelm the simple common sense from God: Adam and Eve were "very good."

Thomas Richard

Lady's Island